Stand Up to Ocean City, NJ Area Winds and Rain

Stand Up to Ocean City, NJ Area Winds and Rain

Replace your wooden deck with a durable alternative

One of the best parts about living in the Ocean City, NJ area is the fresh ocean air. You may look forward to relaxing on your deck on a beautiful spring day, but if your deck is made of wood, that salty, refreshing air you enjoy so much can lead to chipped paint and wood decay. Russ & Russ Jr Construction & Cleaning Services can replace the wooden parts of your deck with fiberglass and vinyl components to make for a more resilient deck you can enjoy for years to come.

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3 benefits of using vinyl and fiberglass for your railings and decks

  1. The materials make the surfaces low maintenance
  2. They withstand salt air, which can damage paint and wood decks
  3. They sustain less wear and tear from foot traffic and the elements

Start planning for a durable deck today by working with Russ & Russ Jr Construction.